Smaller Projects and Scripts


add_prefix, after compiling software and installing it into your own --prefix, this bash script prepends the needed environment variables (PKG_CONFIG_PATH, PYTHONPATH, LD_LIBRARY_PATH, etc.) to make things work as if it were globally installed.
colorwindow, trying the D programming language and PyD on AMD64... I guess it was too much bleeding-edge at once :-) It is a pygtk program displaying pixels calculated in D. Plus some patches I had to do to make it work., rsync back up of remote PCs to my workstation. Timestamp directories, hardlink unchanged files, keep many fresh backups and fewer old ones.
xmodem, an XModem 1k CRC sender in python
karte-1.0.tar.gz, a commandline interface for Try './karte' to see how to use it.
parport, examples how to program the parallel port
sigcheck, remember seen software signatures, an xchat plugin for big support channels. Hides unrelated join/part/nickchanges, highlights questions from newcomers, highlights threads. (screenshot), an xchat plugin to stop "* nick is away: somestupidreason" messages from highlighting the channel
polydiv-1.0.tar.gz, Polynomdivision in C
retry, start commands again and again until they succeed


Misc small patches nobody cares about. I still use the first two.
woodywoody-0.1.6-vim-keybindings_2.patchAdded vim-like keybindings.
mclmcl-0.52.99-history.patchNo more input loss when pressing arrow-up accidentally.
bplaybplay-0.991-jump.patchEasily jump through large files. This is a hack.
mailblinkmailblink-0.7-set-clear-toggle.patchMisuse mailblink to set/clear a parallel port LED.


Up-to-date versions and unpolished scripts are available via svn://, including:
fernd, attach a button to the parport as music remote control
scripts/, music playlist server controlling mplayer

My scripts and patches linked here are public domain.

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